Ilam Visit Package

Ilam Visit Package

4 Nights – 5 Days


The name Ilam is derived from the Limbu language in which “Ii” means twisted and “Lam” means road. Ilam was one of the ten self-ruling states of Limbuwan before the unification of Nepal, its ruler King Hangshu Phuba Lingdom of Lingdom dynasty ruled Ilam as a confederate state of Limbuwan until 1813 AD. The treaty between the other Limbuwan states and the King of Gorkha (Gorkha-Limbuwan Treaty of 1774 AD) and the conflict of Gorkha and Sikkim led to the unification of Ilam with Gorkha. Ilam was the last of the ten kingdoms of Limbuwan to join the union of Nepal. The King of Gorkha gave the ruler of Ilam full autonomy to rule and the right of Kipat. Ilam was an independent Limbu kingdom until 1813 CE/1869 BS.


  • Your trip will start from Kakarbhitta
  • From there will we be traveling to Darjeeling.
  • At Afternoon sightseeing of Darjeeling market.
  • Early morning we will take you to Tiger Hill for the sun rise.
  • On the way back you will visit Ghoom Monastery.
  • Than we will leave for Mirik
  • On the way we will see Darjeeling Ropeway
  • When we reach Mirik we will visit few places in Mirik
  •  We will reach for Antu and explore
  • Reach Antu
  • We will have beautiful sunrise from Antu.
  • After breakfast, we will leave for Kanyam Tea Garden
  • From Kanyam Tea Garden we will visit fickkal 
  • From Fickkal we will stay at  Ilam bazaar
  • We will leave for Maipokhari
  • From Maipokhari we will leave for Taplejung.
  • Night stay at Taplejung
  • After our breakfast we visit Suketar
  • Than leave for kakarbita and this will be end of our trip.

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